Sunday, March 9, 2008


This one is was a harder one to get, but it looks noonie.

Here is another one, I tried doing it like the last one, but I think it has more of a watercolor sense, but I am happy it is done.


bigteddyt said...

i think i am most impressed with those clouds. hot darn those look gooood. any why aren't we linked on our blogs? i'm doing it right now homes.

Brian Kohrman said...

BEN!!! I'M SORRY! I hope my penance can someday atone for my misdeeds. You are now linked to my blog. And I'm leaving a comment. Wait, no, TWO comments!

Brian Kohrman said...

Dude, this is my favorite one, I think. I love the subtle, smooth gradations withing the blocky strokes. Quite beautiful.