Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What's the program?

Hey everyone!

I am an animation student and the title of my blog is a tribute to one of my teachers and his great verbal cadence of "the program." I am fond of my lovely assistant and help mate of this life, my wife Mary Ann, who is very sick and pregnant. She has been battling morning sickness for over a month and a half; and it doesn't look like there is any end in sight (*sigh*). I have been left to fend for myself at the moment to find any scrap ling of food in the house. I yet so great full for the moment because it will all be worth it when the little guy (we think it's a boy) gets here in May. I love her and am grateful that she is enduring this constant struggle.

I love doing voices and am aspiring to do some type of voice acting in some animation. I am a big fan of the greats Tom Kenny, Richard Horvitz, Dan Castenellaneta, Patrick Warburton, James Urbainak, Chris McCulloch (Jackson Publick), Doc Hammer, and Dana Snyder (I love how he says "fagos").

I hope to develop my skills during my time at BYU to be good enough to be hired at some animation studio (hopefully Pixar because they mentor our program). So here we go it's the program!